Archangel Michael

Coptic orthodox Church, Simi Valley,CA

March 2017:

1- Surveyor set up the control point for the corner of the church property.

2- Temporary fences were installed.

Demolition and haul away completed which includes : the Sunday school building – the upper area asphalt, stairway, planters of all the trees

April 2017: 

surveyor setup the staking for the new church area : corners of the church area, proposed elevations, and the depth of excavation.

Excavations and backfilling started with the soil engineer on site to monitor and test the soil and the compaction ratio.

  May 2017:

  1. The new church pad is ready for certification to meet the deadline set by the city.
  2. All the trenches for the foundations of the walls and fences are ready for the foundations, reinforcement steel in place, will pour concrete on Thursday 6/15/17
  3. Excavation and backfilling of the banquet building is 70% completed, will resume after the walls and fences are constructed.
  4. Excavation and backfilling of the parking area is on hold for now and will resume when the walls and fences are installed.

June & July 2017:

  1. We were successfully in obtaining extension of the dead line for the certification
  2. All block walls at the property lines between the church and all the neighbors are constructed.
  3. Excavations for the storm drain pipes are in progress, 60” storm drain line is in place, 24” storm drain pipe is under construction
  4. Edison Co. is designing the new location of a power pole that need to be relocated to make room for the new driveway at the upper parking lot.
  5. The Gas Co.  is working on designing for the  gas services to the new church as well as the banquet hall and the existing church.

Aug - Jan 2018:

1. All the property line block walls and fences are installed.

2. All retaining wall are built including the new Banquet hall and Sunday School building retaining wall.

3. All underground utilities (water, sewer, storm drain, and fire water line) are installed.

4. New Church foundation, grade beams, and concrete slab are constructed.

5. New Church main steel frames ( columns and beams) are installed.

6. Water proof for the Banquet hall retainig wall is completed.

7. Existing sewer manholes are been adjusted to new grade.